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Erasmus+ opportunities
Opportunities for organizations:
Those who wish to participate in Erasmus+ can carry out various development and networking activities, such as the strategy of improving the professional skills of their organizations, capacity building and the creation of transnational cooperation partnerships with organizations from other countries with the aim of achieving results or change best practices. These organizations facilitate the learning engagement of students, teaching staff, trainees, apprentices, volunteers, youth workers and young people. Among the instruments of the participating organizations are the strengthening of their capacity to operate internationally, the improvement of management methods, access to more possibilities and funding schemes, the strengthening of the capacity to prepare, manage and monitor projects, as well as a more attractive ‘package’ of capabilities for teachers and staff.
Key actions:

  1. Learning mobility of individuals. The mobility opportunities provided for student purposes aim to encourage the mobility of students, staff members, trainees, apprentices, youth workers and young people.
  • Erasmus accreditation
  • Mobility of teachers and employees in the fields of VET, school education, adult education and higher education
  • Youth mobility
  1. Cooperation between organizations and institutions. Cooperation between organizations and institutions can contribute to the development, transfer and/or implementation of innovative practices at organizational, local, regional, national or community level.
  • Cooperation partnerships in the fields of youth, VET, higher education and adult education
  • Small scale partnerships
    Participating organizations wishing to apply for a grant must:
  • be established in a program country
  • be led by an organization established in the program country
  • include, in the case of collaborative partnerships, at least three organizations from different program countries and, in the case of small-scale partnerships, at least two organizations from different program countries.
    Available budget:
    The available budget of the call is estimated at: € 3,393,170.
    Submission deadline:
    Erasmus Accreditation: October 19 at 12:00 (Central European Time)
    For the rest of the main actions: October 4 at 12:00 (Central European Time).
    more information here